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  its more fun to make mistakes and continue,   a sylph in the wind,

 a castle maker working  eternity's docket,

 eternity's wrinkle

      & keep on keeping on

   under that    
    mild smile eternity



it's fun to ...


 It's fun to play around with the shape,
                                                             theme, or design of a  blog, the html,

               the face, the side,

  the weird round surface which you don't really own,

     to persist where others, i n their thousands quit, gave up, deserted the ship,

                   went off to slave-book, and to twitter,

                       (it's too bad about twitter it did have panache for a time)

you cant do this with a book,

 c an you,

 once it's out,

          there's no doubt

                 no rebuilding and republishing for years to come,to come,
                      to go and come unless

                  you're some famous, or rich

                         whenas with you blogger
                  you can deal

                                      with the itch,

              wherever you go and coming back,

for example to day the template of this blog was  chang d from the classic template

                  to a more recent one,

now could I do that with a  boook? unless I was printing myself?

,  and

            anyhow,                                        what's   a  book?




   Great hockey players there have been known & unknown
           in the days to come more  arriving retiring breaking forwards
                          streaking records stunning saves
                     injuries tragic! heroes so bold!

            Boom Boom Geoffrion was maybe the second greatest of all!

            Boom went the puck! Bang went the stick!
 Bong-bong cried  the loud crowd!



there are two


   there are two kinds of dogs then
    i prefer cats and

                                 that's that    quite possibly  ~














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